The Platform Master is a documentary by New York-based indie studio Everything Works focusing on Ulillillia, his family and his community. The documentary was shot in Minot over the course of six weeks in the summer of 2011, during which time the city was afflicted by severe flooding. Not wanting to miss out on the unique opportunity, the filmmakers shot extensive footage of the flood and its effects on the citizenry of Minot, which they included in the documentary. A trailer for the movie was released in spring 2012.

Believing that the flood reportage made the film of more than just niche interest, the filmmakers pitched The Platform Master to various film festivals. Finding little success, they considered releasing the current cut of the film in the fall of 2012 but by April 2013 had decided that they would re-edit it so as to focus exclusively on Ulillillia himself. There was no word on the film for several years, and many came to believe that it would never see the light of day.

The release of a short Youtube documentary called "The Story of Ulillillia" in September 2019 revived interest in The Platform Master, and Everything Works finally released the unmastered 2012 cut of the film on Youtube on 31 December 2019.

Everything Works stated in the description of the video that the Ulillillia-only edit promised in 2013 will be released sometime in 2020, as will the raw footage shot in 2011.

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